Giving ownership of your
personal data back to you.

Ethical Identity is building a new generation of privacy-conscious data platforms and data systems.

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All personal data is protected through encryption

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Individuals have complete access to their data

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Organizational usage of data is held accountable to individuals

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Codified governance ensure privacy is not violated

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Ethical Identity’s core mission is to empower individuals to exercise control and ownership of their private information. By creating infrastructure with a focus on personal data protection and privacy, we enable organizations to secure relationships of trust and accountability with their customers. We believe privacy policies can go farther than lip service and legal jargon. Our goal is to create a world in which consumers can securely utilize their personal information without the fear of misuse or theft. We look to be a technology leader in respecting privacy and individual data ownership through accountable and transparent data systems and platforms. Ethical Identity is committed to making truly secure data control an industry standard.